Today, we live in an age of unprecedented human prosperity and comfort. We take for granted things like being able to step out of our homes after sundown without needing to worry about thugs waiting in dark alleys as was common in medieval times. We aren’t ruled by tyrannical leaders forcing us to pick up arms and war with neighboring towns merely for the ruler’s glory and ego. Our ability to feed ourselves and our families isn’t dictated by the lottery of the rains. We aren’t subject to religious or racial persecution in the brutal ways many previous generations have…

Would you let an unlicensed physician touch your body? Then why let unlicensed journalists shape your mind?

Freedom of speech has always been a delicate topic. The reasons why we need to safeguard this freedom are quite apparent. Without the freedom to speak our minds — especially when the topic is controversial, or when it is against the status quo — new ideas, new thinking, new philosophies would not get a chance to bloom and shape humanity. Instead we’d end up with censorship, repression of truth and a stagnation in human progress. Countless books have been written on this and we’ve seen it play out in the past. Unequivocally, freedom of speech is paramount to human progress.


Dreamy Eyed Pragmatist

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